Women Safety Week at Infomaze

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Women Safety Week was observed at Infomaze with the mission:

“Safety First is Safety Always”
(quote by Charles M. Haynes)

Nirbhaya Case (2012 Delhi Rape Case) has just crossed over a year and nobody can forget what the poor girl went through on that unfortunate night. The only solace we have is that the culprits are behind the bars and judgement is expected to be maximum with justice.

But the question remains, “Are Women now Safe?”

In a bid to spread the message about women empowerment and ensure safety amongst Women Team Members, our Events Team lead by Jayshree along with the Admin Team took the initiative to discuss Safety Measures, Precautions and Do’s/Dont’s. The imitative sole motto was Safety For Women – both at Office and Home.

We thank the whole Team for lending their ears to the initiative and working towards adopting utmost safety measures.

On this Occasion our team has found this interesting Video:

Give back to the Men, who Ogle at you.

With the above initiative in mind, we hope we create a Safe Environment for our Women Team.

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