What We Expect when We Hire

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Most IT Companies have a sophisticated hiring process. And it is expected too, to ensure that they have indeed hired a worthy employee for their company. Read on to learn how we screen our applicants and discover their talents, to ensure that they are using their skills to the fullest.

The hiring process in an IT Company generally includes an aptitude test (if applicable), two or more rounds of technical interviews and one or more HR interviews. It seems to be the most commonly followed protocol for hiring the fresher candidates. And if the applicant is an experienced candidate, the same process is used but in an advanced level.

No matter what the position is or what the company is, there is always a general set of expectations. Here are the things that we would most definitely want:

1. First things first, a decent appearance  Appearance is the basic thing that an interviewer will observe even before you start talking. A bad impression due to your very casual t-shirt or creased trousers is the last thing you should wear! You don’t want your interviewer to not even consider you because of all this, which might change the course of the interview as well. We’re pretty sure you would not want this to happen. So make sure to dress aptly!

2. A knowledgeable person is already halfway there! – This is very much the truth as we accept. And there is not much we can say here. It is all up to you to decide how updated you strive to be in your field of career.

3. Communication skills – Oh, yes. The most important thing (after the knowledge that you possess of that field, of course) in any field is the way you communicate. Good communication skills automatically draw people in. If you’re halfway there with the help of your knowledge, communication is an equally important path to a successful interview. So let go of your inhibitions and charm your interviewer enough to gain their trust.

4. Nobody likes a solo dolo! – Its all about your willingness to work as a team. The slightest portrayal by you that you like doing things only your way, will make an interviewer think twice – no matter how good you are in all other aspects. How adaptable you are – not only to work as a team, but also to learn, and adjust to the company policies will be the last and most important decision that the HR Managers will land on.

There maybe many other things that the interviewer would like to see in their prospective employees. If you read this article, and you are a manager, do let us know through your comments and help those job enthusiasts out there!

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