How Twitter can Improve Your Business!

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Popular social platforms are like gold mine when it comes to providing data that helps in improving or expanding your business, based on how people perceive your company.


Among the popular social websites, Facebook keeps on changing its algorithm as it focuses on promoted posts and ads. This way, it becomes difficult to lean on Facebook to gather data about your enterprise. The next best place to obtain such data would be Twitter. Follow a few consistent and simple steps and you can see yourself creating better PR and thus making more money.

1. Make a Profile

While creating a profile, remember that you are not only doing this to interact with your present customers, but in a way, introducing yourself to your prospects. Only fill in genuine information – give a brief description about who you are and what it is that you do.

2. Match your Appearance

Build your profile similar to your website, so that your customers feel more at-home. While giving information about yourself, make sure you do that in a way that would hook the interests of viewers. Keep in mind not to follow the old-school paragraphs one after another.

3. Watch and Learn

Do not start posting right away. Watch a few experts of your field and listen to what their followers have to say. Make sure to follow them. You will quickly get a hold on what to do and what not to do.

It is also good to have your followers categorized into different lists. For example, you may have a bunch of people who are super loyal to your brand. Always interact with them. People who seem to be mentioning you everywhere could be in another list. People who criticize you are equally important, so surely put them in a list too.

4. Share and Care

Start sharing interesting posts and engage in active discussions. Or you could maybe look out for customers with any grievances about your enterprise and attend to them. Share news about your company, but do not overdo it. Users may lose interest when they see a page full of tweets by you which they may find unnecessary, rendering it meaningless to them.

5. Attract the Limelight

Start an interesting poll, or a contest, or an offer exclusively to your twitter followers. Attract new customers this way. Post links to your tweets on your blog to draw in more visitors.

6. Tweet smarter and more often

You can drive traffic by posting links of new pages on your website, on Twitter. (Space is limited to 140 on Twitter. Make sure you use those free URL Shortener Services for this one!)

7. Promote Yourself!

Make sure that people know about your presence on Twitter. Use your handle (@your_name) prominently on your marketing means – website, brochures, etc. This would help people connect with you in an easier manner.

These steps are fine when you have time on your hands. So what to do when you are an SMB which has just started, and you absolutely do not have time to do this? Simple. Use tools that do the monitoring for you. (Of course, you still have to make time to tweet or re-tweet your replies to the queries by your customers). Here are a different set of steps when you are planning on using third-party tools:

1. Suit Up!

Clients such as HootSuite or TweetDeck (both free), will arm you with an awesome set of tools. They are both capable of monitoring the different conversations going on with the keywords that you would be mentioning.

2. Create Apt Lists

Feed the lists that you have created in your Twitter account. You will then be able to sift through all the tweets and then decide which are the most impressive ones and take appropriate steps.

3. Listen to Tweets– Keep Mum or Tweet Back!

You will now be able to see what tweets mention you, and reply to them. Next, you’ll be able to see the tweets according to the lists that you have ready. This would enable you to keep your eyes open and take decisions that are vital to the growth of your organization.

Twitter also allows you to access its data in the form of Twitter Search API, Twitter Streaming API and Twitter Firehose – and they are 100% free as well. But you need to be technically more adept to handle these colossal amounts of data.

These are just the initial steps to increase your business using Twitter. All organizations have different needs, and it is completely up to you as to how you will use Twitter to better yourself, and carve a niche in your sphere of business.

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