Just a Single Solution to Run Your Business

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Still using multiple solutions to run your business? Trying to manage all the data in each of those solutions? So much work that you are using up most of your time in only using the tools, rather than run your actual business? Do you wish for a one-stop-solution that can handle most aspects of your business without even taking much of your time, effort, and money? Welcome Infomaze with full confidence. Read on to learn how it can change everything! 

Running your business on various solutions is an utterly cumbersome task, which does nothing more than make your life more chaotic than necessary.

No matter what the business is, we see at least one tool which is used to manage one or the other aspect. And as and when the business itself grows, another tool may be added to oversee some other aspect of it. If the number of tools you use to run your enterprise is quite a few, here are a few major problems that you face:

  • You will have to spend money on all of the tools – individually, whether you are buying it from a third party, or getting it developed from your own team.
  • Importing data is very messy, and so is collecting all data. Each time you update a few records in one of the tools, you will also have to update the corresponding data in another tool too.
  • You will have to take the help of manual data entry. This is again, very prone to errors.
  • Considering such errors in place, the data will not be in sync.
  • Along with the aforementioned tools, you may have to use additional software and desktop applications – which in turn contributes to the already complicated process.

And these problems are just to name a few. If people handling these tools are not technologically strong enough, you could as well be signing up for a disaster. We need not exaggerate how having multiple solutions to run your business on, would require that much more effort from your end.

We strongly believe that most of your time should be set aside to actually run your business, instead of using it all up on just handling various tools.

Our solution to the above problem that many zealous entrepreneurs face these days, would be integrating most of the solutions that they use into a power-packed solution. They can further embed most of their work flow management, in a manner as user-friendly as possible. Here are a few benefits of letting us integrate your tools:

  • No data loss – If you have been in the industry for a few years, you will have gathered a lot of data of your customers – both actual clients and prospective clients. Losing even a single record is as good as losing a potential customer, and we get that very well. We have already moved data from many of our clients’ tools to our solution (even the master data from the CRM of our clients) without any data loss. Rest assured, your data is completely safe in our hands.
  • Data flow with ease – We have provided our solutions to various businesses across the globe and have moved their data onto our solution. Importing can be done either through excel/csv/txt files or through any of the APIs that you may be using. We ensure that all your data flows accurately into our system, and after processing the data in whatever way you need, exporting can be done through the same way, i.e., excel/csv/txt or to any other API you require.
  • A new tool? You name it, we build it! – Most of the generally used tasks that any business tool would require is already available with us and we can very easily integrate it to your system. That being said, we also understand that the needs of each of our clients vary and the we will customize the functionality accordingly. In case an additional functionality is required, we are confident that we will be able to do that as quickly as we can. This ensures that the tool is tailor-made just for you.
  • Our Support – As we have mentioned already, the ease with which our customers – technical or not – cruise through our applications, is our first priority. Even after that, if our clients need our support with anything at all, the team is readily available to help you as long you you need us to.


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