Schafer Tells Why He Trusts Team Infomaze

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It’s been 10 years since Mr. Richard Schafer came in contact with Infomaze and since then it has been a positive and growth-driven association with him. As we celebrate our association, he could not stop but say a few words about our company and the team.

In the year 2003, Mr. Schafer came in contact with Infomaze for a B2B project for the Telecom Industry. Since then, our team has worked on various modules and projects and the deliverables have always been satisfactory and result oriented.

Then in 2008, when Richard was to decide the development process of a complex, industry-specific (Telecom) Supply Chain Management Solution, he had absolutely no second thoughts but to head to Infomaze another time. Today, the solution has many Modules that are already Patented in the US.

Thanks to our team for sharing and delivering the same vision as their company. We will continue to deliver excellence with the ‘personal touch,’ which makes this association fruitful and mutually beneficial.

Thanks Richard, for your kind words!

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