Relationship with Your Outsourcing Partner – Handle with Care!

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The companies who have outsourced a job at any point of time, will agree that the rapport you maintain with the service providing company, and the effectiveness of communication between the two parties included are the key factors that decide the success of the end result.

You regularly keep in touch to measure the progress of your service required. It is also good to appreciate when a job is done well, understand when something goes wrong and reproach when you’re disappointed about a probable issue.

Like a long-distance relationship, it is taxing to maintain a good relationship when the two parties included are miles apart from each other. So here are a few tips to get the best possible result from your service provider, regardless of the distance.

1. Talking is the best! All those apps that help you stay connected with your contacts whenever possible just by typing message are good. But the vocal communication is actually what is more effective. It’s good to keep in mind to have other small talks other than purely business, too, as it helps with the bonding and increases comfort level.

You have to understand that you client himself would have many more clients. Keeping your relationship cordial ensures that you stay on top of his list.

2. A cold relationship is no good! If you’re trying your level best to keep in touch through pre-arranged phone calls and he is missing it, or the call itself is repeatedly being made too late, it’s a sure shot indicator to you that something’s wrong. If you’re not implementing pre-arranged phone calls, its high-time you started doing it, and do it right.

3. Reassurance is the best balm – As much as you’re worried about whether you will get your services from him by the promised deadline, he too worries about whether he can keep up with the deadline, and expect more business from you. Reassure him that you’re someone to be counted upon, especially if you’re aiming at a long-term partnership with that vendor.

4. Be to him, what you want him to be to you – If you want your service provider to give importance to you, it’s quite natural that he expects the same thing. Especially in scenarios where he is expecting an answer from you, and the answer is very crucial to taking a further step. There is no point in you blaming him when the work is not done properly, after you had put him in the back seat for so long. Its all about being sensible and sensitive.

5. Never give up! But if you HAD to, you better have a backup!  Don’t completely cut off your relationship with other service providers just because you think that you have found that one IT vendor who is perfect for you. After the initial ‘honeymoon’ period – if we can call it that – where everything is rosy and flawless, you may start thinking that you just made the biggest mistake of your life! So if you’ve done everything in your power to keep up your relationship and if it still seems to fail, you should be armed with the next vendor at any point of time.

6. Break-ups on rise these days! More than three quarters of business relationships tend to fail when neither of the parties is willing to compromise. When your vendor suggests that he can do better if there is a slight change in the plan, it is optimal to follow the same. Of course, only if you feel that the change is genuinely good for your end-result from him. And if you don’t seem to be comfortable, explain this with a proper reason and make sure the service provider understands.

All-in-all, handle your relationship with your service provider with utmost care if you want to have a fruitful and long-term relationship with marvelous results. And as always, if you’ve got something else to share, feel free to add!

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