Reasons you should invest in Business Automation

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The text book definition of automation would be to convert (a process or facility) to be operated by automatic equipment. Applying the same definition to our daily lives, we can automate most of the tasks we do (if not all of ’em) with the help of a plethora of tools (both physical and virtual ones) that are either readily available or can be built.

Before you go further, it is important for you to know that automation is possible in EVERY area of work (let’s keep the home/domestic automation aside for now). Or, if you already feel that your business process is sufficiently automated, there will always be higher levels of automation that can be achieved.

But most importantly, complicating the way you handle your business in the name of automation is a terrible idea. And many a time, entrepreneurs face this issue and hence many of them still prefer to drown themselves in the sea of paperwork for every small thing, rather than step out and get an application built to do it for them in a matter of a few clicks.

We have been in the IT Service Industry for over 14 years. We not only customize and build the application as per your requirement, but we also understand and ALWAYS keep in mind that the application that you will be using is only a part of your business. Figuring it out should not be taking up all your time. Neither should it be so complicated that you feel terrified of using it, fearing that something might go wrong.

Our motto is simple – define your business rules through the application that handles your mojo for you so that the manual intervention is avoided as much as possible. Because we all know that, as humans, we are prone to inaccuracies (with or without intent). Machinery and programs on the other hand do just what they are built to do. The degree to which they actually help you depends on the way they are built. A right tool should be cutting down your costs like nobody’s business, and should be easing your lives helluva lot!

Let’s consider simple examples of a support system. The holiday season is right ahead. Imagine the amount of trouble you have to face to get your staff to be just there for every minor enquiry that you may or may not get from your customers? A ticket tracker system sounds so much cooler. It is a simple tool that records the grievances of your customers and tries to give the solution. And if that does not work out, depending on the urgency or the priority of the problem alerts you or your support team to get on with it.

The same applies when you get prospects ringing you in all odd hours of the day to get the quotes for your services. A Quoting system is a solution to this problem. It will collect all the info from your customers and when you’re at work, you can get back to your prospects. Linking such a tool with your CRM would also save your prospects for your future contacts.

You also have to keep in mind that such systems will be your knowledge base forever.

Automation is especially helpful when it comes to the financial aspect. There are multiple online accounting packages available which do so much more than your classic desktop-based invoicing software. Just the ease of accessibility of all your financial documents from anywhere with a simple login seems appealing, does it not? But as business owners, you also need to worry about introducing newer technology to your finance department. By automating the online aspect of it, you can ensure that your staff has the comfort of using the application they have been used to all these years, whereas you can still enjoy the newer tastes of online accounting by integrating the two systems in question.

Regardless of what other type of automation rose in your mind, like we said in the beginning of this article – automation is possible in EVERY area of work. We believe that because we have the experience of having worked on Business Automation Software that’s applicable to various kinds of industries across the globe. Do feel free to talk to us regarding any of your enquiries – we provide a free & no-obligations consultation.

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