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Real Estate Brochure design has always been a challenge and has been marked with limitations in both design and format. With its new Online Editor, Infomaze assures to break many limitations and allows users to create the template they want.

Infomaze being an Industry Specific Solution Provider, researched that many online tools for editing Real Estate Brochure are fixed or template driven. You need to add data/images only in the fixed area.

While the above was okay for general cases, it created issues with many Print Companies having to go to and fro for getting a design done and approved. This lead to loss of time, money and in fact business itself when the deadline was tight.

Our new editing tool eliminates the ‘Fixed’ Template constraint and allows customers to create the design they want in one of the most powerful WYSIWYG editor. The picture below gives you an idea of a template designed totally from the scratch:


Key Features of the Editor:

  • Create your design template by using your existing background template or blank template
  • Create unlimited fields – Single Line, Multi-Line (Paragraph), Images (with Gallery for users to use the system images or upload their own)
  • Advanced Styling open with a huge library of fonts and color styles
  • Drag & Drop Fields to set the positions of the field
  • Mark the position of the field to fixed or changeable, thereby giving more flexibility to end users
  • Set the properties of the fields to move up and down or across if the previous field data is empty
  • Powerful Image Editor to change the properties of the photo including Cropping, Resizing, Rotating, Changing the Color Patterns and so on
  • As our type or change the canvas previews the change, thereby making creating and previewing very easier
  • PDF Preview Option to view the final product before it goes for printing
  • Save to Drafts to allow review at a later date
  • Easy to build, Web-based and built to work across both PC and MAC Browsers

View our demo or request a free trial to see how online editable solutions can save your time and also the cost in designing & printing your brochures.

Contact our team to see more exciting options with our Editor. We are sure you will have to look nowhere else for your Real Estate and other Brochure Templates.

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