Project Management at Infomaze – Most Efficient Yet!

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Project Management
The way that an enterprise works defines its success, adaptability & timeliness, and most importantly, the satisfaction of its customers and stakeholders. Learn how Infomaze takes its most careful steps in the aspect of software development to ensure that our customers shake our hands with a satisfied smile on their faces – having completed their business with us.

The concept of ‘Project Management’ has been evolving continuously and by integrating with the umpteen software development models that get created and go outdated as newer ones come in. Among those models, ‘Waterfall’ was initially a rave and is still applicable to specific industries. ‘Agile’ seems to be continuously growing as more and more companies are realizing its effectiveness. ‘DevOps’ is still in its neonatal stages but aspires to occupy the central position among all the teams involved in the project development. These are to name just a few famous ones.

Now, which one of these models is the one-stop shop for software development is an ongoing debate that we’d rather avoid. We believe that the type of software development model to be used solely depends on the demands and requirements of that particular project. Though the waterfall model is argued to be classic, yet outdated, it might be the best solution for some software development processes. The point is that there is no hardwired rule.

At Infomaze, we understand that not just planning, but how you plan matters too. So we never stick to a particular model and argue that what we do is right. We have used, and still use many models such as the Waterfall, Agile, DevOps, etc. We have the right amount of experience in of all these models.

A Tool to Assist in Project Management:

We had a unique idea in mind about the tool that we wanted, that would help us manage our projects. The idea was to keep the development process as transparent as possible – not just for our employees, but for our stakeholders too. Since there were no such solutions available then, we built our very own. (That’s how we roll, you see? If we can’t find ‘em, we build ‘em.)

Here are a few salient features of our tool, which empowers us by keeping us at our efficient best:

  • Creates a centralized location to maintain all records of the project.
  • It assists all parties included in the project.
  • Helps monitor all aspects of project development through each and every phase.
  • The best part is that it maintains transparency with stakeholders. They can login from anywhere and monitor the development, right from the phase of its inception.

Our tool has helped deliver each of our projects on time, thus enabling us to become on of the best-in-class service providers of India.

DevOps and the Proficiency it gives us:

A project involves many teams at hand. And more the people included, more crucial is the role of communication. The QA team and Developers are often at loggerheads, if not because of anything else, it will be because of communication, or lack thereof. These walls separating the development team, the QA team, and the production are great barriers to agility in any workplace.

Though we’re generally a friendly lot believing in helping each other, we have been applying DevOps methodology to break through the remaining walls, if any. These days, team-collaborating skills are just as important as the technical expertise of the team. The end-user experience of course, can never be forgotten. DevOps is a new culture that we have embraced with open arms and minds in our work lives. After all, it ensures that the teams for development, QA and operations work together, hence stimulating development and problem resolution, making it an attractive feature of our organization.

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