Our Expertise in Software Maintenance

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No matter what business it is that you run, buying a web solution and sitting back simply does not suffice anymore. Keeping up your web application as per the developments taking place in the ever hulking world of Internet is just as important as its inception itself. Read on to learn more about ‘Software Maintenance.’ 

Software Maintenance is that last step in Software Development Life Cycle that never gets its fair share of attention. When people shed a huge amount on software, they expect it to conform to their needs – both present and future. Unfortunately enough, that’s not really possible.

Patches need to be created, released, installed and finally made sure that they are indeed doing what they were originally meant to do, effectively causing few too many hours of disruption in the workplace. Dreadful, is it not? If you still use desktop applications or depend purely on the on-premise IT, you may have just shuddered too! Luckily for us, with the advent of cloud, such monstrosities are gradually reducing, but that’s a story for another day.

Our maintenance service reaches the level of the best in class, and here are the reasons why you should completely consider getting maintenance support for your favorite software from us:

  1. Customers are Kings: Say you run an e-commerce website, and a new customer just visited to shop for his favorite red colored tee. And just when he was about to place an order, an error occurred. He was so into the t-shirt, that he tries once again, but the same error occurs. He gets so frustrated that he stops attempting and decides to never come back to your site again. You just lost a customer! A customer who would most probably make sure that neither his friends even think of visiting your site, let alone buy from you. Sounds like a nightmare? We do everything from our end to ward off such situations, and if something were to happen, we take corrective measures immediately.
  2. Servers under our loupe: We monitor your servers at all points of time and if there was a server failure, we will alert you about the same, along with the cause. We also contact your server admin if the server is down for more than the specified amount of time.
  3. Data, data everywhere! : If your website is database intensive, it could really slow down your website, and this would lead to losing out on even more customers, clearly. In such cases, we report to you as to what is really eating up the loading time.
  4. Open Source Upgrades: If you have used open source languages to build your website, you have to know for fact that these languages keep getting upgraded with better features which you should obviously have on your website too. And without maintenance, you will not be able to even know about it.
  5. Avoid Data Loss: It is no longer a choice to have backup of all your content at all time, given the amount of data. With data backup, if you were to lose any of this data, you could just roll back to what was last working fine, without breaking a sweat. Our service includes taking backups of all the logs, database and content so that we can get you back up without too long of a downtime.
  6. Top-notch Security: No matter what your application is, it is an understood fact that your data should be privy to you and you alone. We take great measures to keep the security at its tightest. So much, that even we won’t be able to see your data unless you give us the permission to see it.
  7. To look chic: Design preferences of people keep changing. You may remember Yahoo and Google homepages when they were just created and see how far they have come to look what they look like now. More proof that you have to keep upgrading your looks because no matter what they say, looks matter. A lot! We also suggest what changes or upgrades could be implemented so as to improve your application. Depending on your feedback, we would work on creating a new spell of magic!
  8. Customizable Service Support: Our service is exactly how you want it to be. If you chose a 24×7 service pack, we would keep track of your app all the time. Or, if you wanted us to take care of your software only during the working hours of your location, we will do that too.
  9. Up & Running is the Key: We always ensure that your site is up and running at all time. If some issue were to occur, we would be restless until we ensure that you’re back up without any real damage. We will also make sure that such issue would never occur again.

Give us a call and let us help you with your IT related grievances in a jiffy.


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