Offshoring Your Work? Here’s the Ultimate Checklist

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OutsourcingOutsourcing IT work to a company that’s overseas? In a strong dilemma whether this will actually work for you? Here is what you have to succeed in, before you blindly outsource your work to the first company that you hear of.

Wikipedia defines outsourcing as “contracting out of a business process to a third-party.” The reasons behind outsourcing are many. The top reason any company would give is the low viable and labor cost. Your company may not at all be related to Information Technology, but you would still be dependent on it. You would then outsource the IT work, so that you can focus on your core business. Whatever the reasons are, there are certain dos and donts in this business too. Be certain that you are aware of them before you choose your IT outsourcing partner.


Before you select your service provider:

  • Check whether the Service Provider is a genuine – you will be checking all details about the company, their values, their work process, their testimonials, etc. Speak to their clients if you need to. As a final result, ensure that you are working with real people!
  • Always double check whether the service provider will be taking care of all your IT needs, or will they further outsource to another company. If they are using 3rd party companies again, it is your duty to ensure that the other company is on the same page as you and your service provider.
  • Have a legally tight contractual agreement which would ensure you monetary security.
  • Never pay the full service amount before you obtain the source code or have made sure that the service is indeed fully provided by the offshore company.
  • Be mindful about the licenses of the software that your service provider will be using for your service. You do not want a shock sometime in the future saying that you have to pay a yearly subscription fee which you hadn’t been alerted about.
  • Allocate a person (and it can be yourself) to work with the service provider. This will ensure that a person from your company will be totally aware of the developments in your project, answer all queries of the service provider at any given point of time, ensure that all deadlines and milestones are met, etc. This will also help you in monitoring the costs involved.
  • Monitoring the costs is easily one of the most important issues. Make sure that your service provider is indeed working as much as he claims to be. (Infomaze is known for maintaining transparency throughout the process. Learn how.)
  • Know your prospective IT partners well. Familiarize yourself with how they conduct business. If you require timely updates, see if the service provider can accommodate this with you. Check for their flexibility and whether they will be available to you through at least most of your working hours, if not fully.
  • Keep extensibility on top of your mind: Always think about how developed your business is going to be in the coming years. If you extend your business, will your service provider still be able to help you? Or if you want to add newer and sophisticated features to your Software, will the same IT company still be capable of helping you, or will you have to look for another service provider to serve the purpose?


After you select your service provider:

Your job does not end once you choose an IT partner for outsourcing and start your business with them. Be mindful of the fact that it has only started. Maintaining a good rapport with your IT partner is equally important as choosing the right service provider.

  • Be crystal clear about your requirements and other expectations that you have from them. Establish quality communication. There might be many barriers – lingual, cultural, etc. But you have to overcome them, as any lack of communication will be a loss to you. 
  • Work with the team of the service provider. Tend to their questions well so that they give you a good finished product.
  • Once you start working with the service provider, remember that they are now part of your company too. Appreciating good work always pays off, so when they have done a good job, never forget to appreciate the same. And of course parallel to that, being a critic when something goes wrong is inherently one of your duties too when you are supervising the development of any project – software or not.
  • If some change in building the project is being suggested by the IT team, please do consider them with an open mind. They are, after all, the experts.


It is mandatory that when your venture needs to be successful, you have to be alert and mindful. The purpose of offshoring is to ease your workflow so that you can concentrate on your actual business. Be alert and committed enough to attain that goal.

We hope that you have a successful partnership, no matter where you outsource your work to.

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