Diwali Celebration 2011: INFOMAZE

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“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm,” Infomaze team reaches its peak during Diwali celebration. Goddess Laksmi, the Goddess of Prosperity is worshipped during Diwali.

Infomaze team decorated their workplace and the enthusiasm is infectious and celebrated for 4 days with an events characteristic of persons forming groups. Team mates wish each other health and prosperity. Offering gifts and sweets, which is an essential part of Diwali.

The 1st day of celebration on 24th October: Besides enjoying the sumptuous sweets, the team organized innovative events. On the first day we had the Funky Day and were fabulous to see our team with funky dress, fashion shows were arranged to make the event an field day.

The 2nd day of celebration on 25th October: “The Single Color Day”, the team with the group participants wear the team dress color with the team-spirit, and togetherness enjoyed with a great fun and made that eve a memorable day. Team of self-motivated volunteers involved in organizing various events, activities like song dedication. The funds from the songs event were donated to orphanage.

Infomaze celebrated Traditional day on 26th October with great ostentatious flourish display and joy. On this eve Awards were given to the distinguished performers with a unique dress. Various other events like Rangoli, Lakshmi pooja, gifts to all staff were organized to make this eve exciting and joyful.

Infomaze celebrated the Diwali/ Deepawali in unique way this time on 27th October. Recognizing one of the nearby Orphanage Infomaze team on the last day of celebration arranged breakfast & spent sometime in the Orphanage wishing those people, kids over there for Diwali.

Celebration at the Orphanage this time experienced a new satisfaction by bringing smile on the faces of many. Carried some gifts for them and made them feel that they are not alone and there are some people in society who support and love them. Infomaze team had collected some funds for charity. At the noon the team gathered to celebrate the last day celebration with various events like Housie Housie, Fishpond, surprise games, comedy act, gift distribution, dance with balloon, cracker bursting and jackpot prizes with dinner.

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