Migration to Your Favorite CRM Made Easy

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Migration to another software makes you worry about your existing data, especially if the data is customer-related. Learn how Infomaze helps you with migration, letting you enjoy the seamless transition from your existing platform to another.

We all know that CRM (Customer Relationship Management) forms an integral part of any Company. It is required not only to maintain the records of all your customers (both present & past), but also for to help you with synchronizing your marketing, sales & service divisions.

While many CRM software are available out there, knowing what suits your needs best will form the basis to purchase. Let us assume that you chose one that currently fits your needs like a pro. But what happens when your needs change? Or when you found out a new CRM software that ‘s not only better but also more affordable? These are just a few reasons that may force you to switch platforms. We also understand that you may have your own reasons to migrate to another platform.

We recently helped one of our clients to migrate from Salesforce to Zoho CRM. Here are a few features of the migration:

  • Import & Export: We used CSV to Export/Import all details without losing the relationship between the data.
  • Less time required: Our solution managed to migrate all the data within a very short span of time, enabling our clients to save weeks of disruption that is usually caused by a typical migration.
  • An exact replica: We did not only migrate, but also created an exact replica of all the custom functions and fields that were present in the existing CRM.
  • Additional Modules: Zoho, by default supports many packages by default, namely Accounts, Contacts, Potentials, etc. But, as per the requirements of our clients we built another module named ‘Contract.’
  • Email Templates: Along with the data, we also migrated the email templates that they had populated for their use.
  • Flawless Progression: We setup the new system with all their data in such a way that there were no glitches or confusions, hence rendering a seamless transition to our clients.


The clincher for us will be the fact that our process is suitable for almost all migrations with just a few tweaks on our end.

You can read about one more of our migration platforms here.

To get your data migrated from any of your platform to your new favorite one, just talk to us and stop worrying!


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