Migrating to Cloud? Here are 8 Facts to Help You!

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“Why should I migrate from my current application to your Cloud Application?” is the very first question that you would ask any IT company that would suggest you to switch to Cloud. Read on to understand how Infomaze empowers you by guiding you with application migration, the right way – the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) way.

When people realize that the software they have been using is now outdated and someone suggests that it’s time that they migrate to Cloud, they express strong dilemma. This could be because they would have imagined Cloud technology to be this enormous, complex looking monstrosity in their minds – all this without even trying to know about it. Well, if this sounds anything like you, you have reached a point where you can let go of that fear. We are here to help you with every detail about Cloud Migration.

1. So, I don’t really know what Cloud is!

Think about it this way. If you don’t try out that new burger at your favorite snack joint, you will regret never knowing what it tastes like. It could either be terrible or terrific! We understand the lack of awareness regarding the Cloud. It is more like ‘fear of the unknown.’ The next time you send emails through your smartphone, be assured that you will be using the ‘Cloud.’ Yes, without even your notice, you have been using the Cloud. Such is the extent to which Cloud has grown. So now you have a brief idea of where all it could be of use.

2. But I thought it was meant for large organizations… And its cost?

Nope, and nope! Our Cloud applications are offered in the form of SaaS, which helps you to choose what you want to have in your application. This makes our products totally affordable to anyone, no matter the size of your enterprise! Besides, we offer a free trial of 30 days without asking for your credit card information.

We will be taking care of hardware, hosting, backups, software, database management, and a lot more! All you need to worry about, is the reasonable monthly subscription fees.

3. I run an enterprise which has nothing to do with technology. Why should I even care?

No matter what business you run, wouldn’t there always be scope to run it more efficiently? That’s right. So why not upgrade from that decrepit Desktop/other Cloud Application to one of our smart apps to maintain your precious records? Whoever told you that small/medium businesses never require Cloud applications did not think it through. We use a robust, Custom Development Model which makes our Cloud apps 100% suitable for any type of industry.

4. What about my data? What if I lost it?! Plus, I don’t want everybody to see it.

And they won’t. It is not that Cloud means displaying your data in a place where everybody can see it. The mere thought of it seems as ridiculous to us as it does to you! On a serious note, we always make sure that your data is highly secure and can be accessed only by people who are supposed to access it. Also, you alone get to choose who does!

Losing data, especially when you have an explicable amount, is no lesser than a nightmare. You need not worry about it if you have chosen us to work with! We have excellent recovery techniques well in place. Your data will be backed up across various servers, which even we won’t be able to access unless you give us the permission to do so. With our automatic data backup module, any lost data (in rare of the rarest cases) will be recovered in no time. Data crisis is thus something far, far away. If, for some reason, you choose to manually rollover to a certain point of time, we can make that happen as well. You name it, we provide it!

5. I don’t want to increase the complexity of my software than it already is!

Our solutions are smartly built to REDUCE the complexity and never to increase it! We assure you of that. We believe in keeping our solutions so simple that even people with no technical knowledge should be able to use it with ease. We understand that although the application plays a major role towards organizing and managing your data and in turn business, you cannot afford to waste much time on understanding just the working of the application.

Besides, we provide required basic training to your chosen employees so that they are familiar with all the nooks and crannies of our Cloud application.

6. What is the assurance that all functionalities will work without any hitches?

Any functionality that isn’t there, is never bragged about by us! If you were to face any problems, which is again highly unlikely, you can always be assured that we will constantly back you up with the world-class support. We have an Automatic Error Reporting tool that’s part of our solution. So, if you were to face an error, we would have known about it even before you report it to us and one of us would already be working on rectifying the glitch or would have contacted you ourselves regarding the same. Do you see why we call our support world-class?

7. I don’t have technically able employees. What if they take too long to adapt to this?

Cloud is anything but disruptive, trust us. Like we pointed out earlier, most of you have been using it even without realizing it. With our easy-to-use apps and unmatchable support, you would sail on a smooth sea.

8. What about the existing data that I have? I don’t want to lose it!

Here comes the part where Infomaze outshine other competitive Service Providers. We not only help in the initial setup of our application on to your system, but also help you import your existing master data such as Customer information and Contacts from almost any format into our application. You will be able to see all your existing data in a grid format with filters, allowing you to sift through the data with ease. And all this for free! Sweet, ain’t it?


So did we just turn Cloud from the monstrosity you had in mind into something svelte? Well, that’s the beauty of Cloud. Here is the list of Cloud applications that we provide:

  1. ePrint MIS & Web2Print
  2. Field Service Management Solution
  3. Pest Control Management Solution
  4. Estimating Software
  5. Document Management System
  6. Dynamic Form Builder
  7. CRM

Want anything that you do not see here? Let us know your needs and we shall help you through. And if you’re still not convinced, you should talk to us at least once. We provide a free, no-obligations consultation in order to help you out.

See why we love Cloud so much!

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