Link Your Existing System with Accounting Software

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Online accounting or e-accounting is turning out to be the next best thing that would make running an enterprise a lot easier. Read more to know how. 

Infomaze helps you in integrating any of the MIS (both desktop and web-based) with your favorite accounting package. Automated linking of data with the accounting package helps in reducing the cost, time required and increases the efficiency with which the enterprise works.

We have experience in linking applications with many of the best online accounting APIs and personal finance packages like:

  • QuickBooks
  • XERO
  • MYOB (Both as installed and web-based versions)
  • Sagepay
  • FreshBooks and others.

Even if you want your tool integrated with any other accounting platform of your choice, all you need to do is ask. Let us help you with your expectations! We have integrated many types of applications with XERO for more than 20 of our esteemed customers from around the world and many more such integrations with MYOB, and other accounting packages.

But the problem for most of the people in the accounting arena is that they are so used to the traditional accounting software, they feel that moving out of the comfort zone looks like an extremely uphill task. Or they may already be using many different tools for specific purposes such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), an Management Information System (MIS), etc., and they just don’t want to add an Online Accounting Tool to that list.

And that is exactly where Infomaze comes in.

Depending on the needs of our clients, we have been integrating their applications with multifarious APIs for fields such as Telecommunication, eCommerce, Accounting Systems, etc. The APIs being the readily available ones that they specifically asked for, or our very own – those that we built right from the scratch. Our growing acquaintance with the process of integrating many tools has enabled us to build robust applications and faster than ever.

If you are not using an accounting package to date and are adamant about the fact that you do not need to waste your time or money on one, we would like to point out that you will be in fact saving both, as it will obviously take care of all calculations and will be removing the aspect of error-prone calculations that manual data entry can give you. In the long run, it will become an absolute necessity for a successful business.

And if you could link your existing tools so that you feel completely at home and also have the comfort and a sense of empowerment that the online accounting tool gives you, wouldn’t that be amazing?

Takeaways of this article:

Easy Integration – Our team is confident of seamlessly integration of your tools with any accounting package. This way, you will have the ease of your favorite tool while enjoying newer and better features that the online aspect gives you.

Offered as SaaS – All you need to worry about is paying a reasonable monthly fee for the features you choose to have in your software.

Links with your existing system – You will never have to worry about losing any of your existing data. Our integration will easily be linked with any software that you currently use to run your business.

Many Software, One Platform –If you are using more than one software to run your business, our integration will be made in such a way that the invoices and bills from all tools will be handled by just one software. You will be accessing all financial, accounting-related information from all software under one roof.

Generate Reports – You can create numerous financial reports both in tabular manner and in the form of charts – in a way that makes sense to you, with the help of many customizable templates that will be incorporated with the API.

These are just to name a few of the amazing tasks that our application would do for you. Contact us to know how you can improve the way you run your business.


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