Infomaze Launches Knowledge Base System

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Knowledge Base System (KBS) is a web-based application developed for a leading business group in Canada to record, analyze and publish solutions to complex problems within their organization.

The company deals in providing technical support and consultation to various industries. There was no system in place for the specialist to define solutions for the tech support team. This led to:

  • Long hours to resolve issues as there was no approved ready solution as such
  • Delays in support which led to dissatisfaction of customers
  • No scope to re-use the same/similar solution to the solve similar problems. This led to loss of time & cost
  • There was no system in place for Solution Bank, Approval System or Review Process
  • Long hours to train new staff with the same solutions, leading to more cost for training as well as unavoidable allotment of time for the same.

Infomaze’s Solution:
We nailed down the problems by providing a web-based application with multi-level access to store, create, analyze, approve and review (over the period) the solution against similar and newer, complex problems. Not only did it help the company in saving their cost and time on the tech support, but it also helped in generating various reports (both charts and tables) to improve their internal performance.

Key Features of the Solution:

  • Multi Level Access to the system. This allowed the company to create users with the capacity of Content Writer, Editor and Publisher;
  • Multi-Category Level Solutions – thereby allowing users to Access/Edit/Publish specific solutions;
  • System Alerts for timely review and re-publishing of the Solution including versioning;
  • Various User-Level and Company-Level settings to customize the solution as per company needs and/or changes over a period of time;
  • Dynamic Reporting for running stats and user data for internal assessment and reviews;
  • Fast, Robust and Easy-to-Use Solution apt for all types of users.

As with all our other projects, even this project has led to further development. Meanwhile, the client along with the team are planning for phase II of this solution.

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