Integration with Interspire E-mail Marketer

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One of the leading real estate e-mail marketers were looking for integrating their users’ e-mail campaign with the ‘Interspire’ e-mail marketer. They were looking for automatic scheduling of the e-mail campaign, which was till date, a manual and thus tedious process. And within a couple of months, they not only had the integration done, but also added easy-to-use functionality which made their software even more robust and customer-friendly.

The company allowed users to create campaigns and had to manually transfer the campaign to the Interspire Marketing Campaign account to send out e-mails. Further, e-mail stats were manually uploaded back to the user account, which was not only time consuming, but also gave a delayed report to the users.

Another major concern was that of previewing the campaign/sending a test e-mail before sending it to actual, live contacts.

Infomaze’s Solution:
Our team understood that a web-based application with User/Admin access will be the solution for allowing the creation of campaigns and sending those campaigns to Interspire e-mail marketing program without any manual intervention.

Key Features of the Solution:

  • User/Admin (approval) access to the application;
  • Comprehensive Dashboard to view, activate, copy, edit or delete campaigns in the system;
  • Create multiple types of campaigns including Image/PDF uploads, creating campaigns from various existing, ready templates or pasting HTML Code;
  • Filters for sending to all or limited users;
  • Preview and send test e-mails before scheduling the campaign;
  • Campaigns can be scheduled on a given date and sent on a regular basis or can even be copied to create new out of the existing;
  • Approval process to double check the contents & quality before approving for the Interspire e-mail program;
  • Option to choose preferred SMTP for sending e-mails;
  • E-mail stats in real time to the user.

The results were phenomenal and the client extended similar solutions to a couple of their counterparts and Infomaze is now their preferred vendor for all web solutions.

Get in touch with us to integrate InterspireTM or similar e-mail services with your existing solution.

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