Field Service Management Solution – A Case Study

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Infomaze’s Field Service Management Solution is for any organization that needs to send technicians on-site to provide services to their clients. It is imperative for such companies to have a dynamic application that accurately monitors all service requests and efficiently manages them.

Infomaze works with a Backup Power Supply & Service Provider to upgrade its workflow into a better and dynamic one.


The company had a manual system in place wherein the technicians had to collect the list of assignments for the day from the organization. They then had to start working on each one of them with no methodical way to state which client to service next. This resulted in wastage of time and fuel, thus increasing the transportation costs.

We noted down the problems faced as:

  • No software in place at all to monitor the working, scheduling & billing
  • No application or interface in place to update the jobs in real time (both from the office manager and technician)
  • No location-based scheduling – scheduling of tasks on the basis of area was missing.
  • No method of tracking whether the technician is present at the right place and time.
  • The technicians could not report any additional services that they provided alongside jobs assigned to them.
  • No immediate job alert notifications.


Infomaze took up this problem by introducing a software application for the company to monitor their technicians. We paired it up with a mobile app that each technician would install on his smart phone.

The organization was thus empowered with an aggregate solution which not only aided them in managing each service for their clients in the form of easily manageable ‘jobs’ that could be assigned to their technicians, but also helped them in tracking the status of each such job and manage their clients in a better way.

Our solution ensured improved quality of service. The travel time was reduced so that the organization could service more clients in the same time and in a more effective manner.

Key Features of the Solution:

  • Manages all your leads and customer/contacts within the application
  • Send quotes to the customer directly from the system in a clean PDF template with your own design, logo, etc.
  • Convert quotes into a contract and assign:
    • Days of visit in a company
    • Whether fixed or flexible date
    • Materials to be used during the visit
    • Technicians
    • Billing and other info
    • Schedule Technicians on-site based on area or address
  • Allow Technicians to login and view their schedules
  • Allow Technicians to mark their visit complete
  • Pay Technicians per visit – generate report per Technician
  • Manage warehouse with stock alerts, purchase and stock history
  • Generate multiple reports with customized report options
  • Personalize to suit your business
  • No software. No downloads. Pay just as you use.

If you have any similar requirement or want to improve workflow management system, then get in touch with our team to discuss how we can collectively improve the process and maximize your business profits.

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