Evolutionize your Enterprise with Big Data – A Case Study

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Infomaze worked with a leading Telecom Infrastructure Company to help them gain better knowledge of the work process involved in each of their projects. We decided to evolutionize their workflow management system with our solution.


The Company had the most advanced RDBMS linked to their accounting system, which recorded the daily activities of their workflow, status of inventory, details of Sales Orders & Purchase Orders, etc. But the employees were not able to access this data easily and hence there was a perpetual state of chaos.

Key Challenges:

The key challenges were in the supply chain and accountability process. Although every activity was recorded across each process, each recording differed from one another. This meant that data existed, but in various locations and various formats. Based on our discussion with the client, we nailed down the challenges to:

  • No indication of availability of Raw Materials across various locations and warehouse, resulting in:
    • Inaccurate Delivery Dates of Sales
    • Unnecessary purchase of items, which could otherwise have been procured from other locations.
  • Customer had no real time information about delivery of items or completion of projects
  • Under-utilization of Resources: Mismatch in availability of labor and materials
  • No tracking of materials at various load points, often leading to discrepancy as well as shortage of materials at the site.
  • From stakeholder’s point of view, no analytical or performance reporting to help take better business decisions.


  • Unhappy Customers
  • Loss to business in terms of inventories
  • Loss to business in terms of under-utilization of resource
  • No real-time reporting or analysis for eliminating or reducing the risks involved.


Infomaze drew a phase-by-phase implementation of solution, which helped overcome the shortcomings mentioned earlier here. Our biggest challenge was that of unstructured data, that too in various formats. Secondly, due to nature of the business, the actors involved were scattered across various locations and sometimes with limited access to computers.

A cloud-based solution was planned with big data services in order to address the accountability and shortcomings of the whole workflow process. Care was taken to keep the solution in its simplest form, saving time that would otherwise have been wasted for training and support. Finally, the solution needed to be fast and robust to account, alert, report and analyze millions of inventories and its matching, delivery and usage across various projects and locations. The solution worked for all users using computers, tablets, mobile devices and even parsing emails and its attachments.

End Result:

We were able to address their key challenges in terms of:

  • Reporting on availability of materials across locations, vendors and resellers
  • Reporting on fulfillment of orders based on incoming purchase orders
  • Tracking of project and materials at each and every load/unload point along with accountability of each and every actor
  • Analytical reporting to key areas of business workflow and its weakness. This helped them reduce business risks and increase profitability by a large extent.

We understand that ‘Big Data’ is new to you and much evolution is required to make the most out of your data. It involves participation of all the users involved in the workflow to gain maximum benefits out of it. The solution still needs to be simple enough to encourage using it for the benefit of the organization.

If you have similar challenges in your business, lets speak and we will analyze whether you really require Big Data Services and if so, how that can help you get a better insight of your data to step up your business to the next level.

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