Custom Application Development Needn’t be Expensive!

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Most businesses, especially newly started ones, blindly believe that a turnkey software is the only answer for their technical needs. What they assume is that custom application development made exclusively for their purpose renders expensive for their budget. But what they forget, is that at the end of the day, custom made applications are in fact advantageous. Read on to know more.

We believe that each business has its own needs and hence, no single software can be applied to two businesses without even slight modifications. Suppose you run a company that provides technical services to your customers, and you are thinking of buying two sets of software – one to schedule the service timings of all your technicians, and the other to manage your invoices. Can you imagine the amount of work and time that will be taken up to just keep the data between these two in sync? Or worse, imagine you bought a software that manages jobs & scheduling but does nothing more. The result? You end up with using the excel worksheets of the Victorian era to manage all the records related to these jobs. The solution to this problem? Custom Application Development, of course!

You cannot even begin to imagine the time your personnel will be wasting by using two or more such software, just because you thought that custom built app would be expensive. And to tell you the truth, we don’t think that the cost of two or more software would any lesser as compared to a single custom built application. The fact that you’re compromising your needs itself should tell you that ready-to-use solutions ain’t all dandy.

We have been developing Custom Solutions for our clients across the globe, and here is why we think that we’re different:

1. Experience of many years – We have been developing custom apps for clients, whose services span across various industries and hence we can confidently say that we’re ready to develop almost any type of solution that could be applicable to any field of business.

2. A library of solutions – Thanks to our hands-on experience on previous projects, we have a huge library of solutions that will help us kick-start when you have a similar demand. A little bit of tweaking on our end, and you have your application with you. This reduces the time & cost aspect by a huge margin.

3. Open source isn’t that bad – If cost is an issue, we would suggest you the best of the “Open Source” technologies and advise to give it a chance. This is not only because they are free, but the pace of development is speedy in most of such frameworks, and they are usually the ones that are quite up-to-date.

4. Comfort factor – The ease of using a software that was tailor-made just for you is definitely much, much more. We train our developers to adapt to your vision and ensure that the end result will be a software that not only complies to all your needs, but is also simple to use.

To read more about our ready, off-the-shelf solutions (which we have customized as per the requirements of many of our clients), click on the following links:

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  • Field Ramp (Field Management System application)
  • DMS (Document Management System)
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Did we manage to convey to you all the benefits of Custom Application Development, yet? If you have further questions regarding the same, go ahead by clicking here.


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