Content Management System (CMS) for a Premier School Group of South Africa

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A Premier Educational Institute approached us for building a dynamic solution for their schools across South Africa. The first phase of the project was to build a solution, where contents can be managed in an organized manner and approved/published by the editor. The key point was to have one administrator area for various schools so that data can be centralized.


  1. The system earlier had a static site and had to hire a team to do regular updates
  2. The updates was not in real time and hence missing the whole point of communicating the information to the audience including investors and parents
  3. Managing various schools with similar content was duplicate work
  4. Managing query/contact us info was only via email.


  1. Based on the requirement, the Infomaze Team decided to nail down the functionality to a content management system, which was tested and proven and can be easily customized to achieve the project goals
  2. A new corporate design with easy navigation and flow was conceptualized to give the website a modern look.
  3. The backend was designed so that the entire contents can be managed from one area using a tree-like structure to replicate the front-end website’s navigation links
  4. This made changes to the system very easy and fast.
  5. Various user roles and settings were provided to allow users to access only specific areas of the administrator.
  6. A clear distinction was made between the author, approver, editor and publisher to allow content flow and approval an easy process.
  7. Forms were provided with dynamic form building objects like Text Box, Radio Buttons, Dropdowns etc. to allow administrator and admin users to build their own forms.
  8. Media gallery was provided separately from the content to store all images, videos, downloadable PDFs at one location.
  9. Content area were provided with options to:
    1. Use various templates
    2. Use Rich-Text-Editor (RTE) to add/edit the content
    3. Allow using media gallery into the content
    4. Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Header Info e.g. Meta Tags, Title, Keywords, Description
    5. Create SEF (Search Engine Friendly) URLs for SEO Purpose
    6. Saving various versions of the content for future reference and use
    7. The front-end website had the options for changes in Text, Images and Snippets, thereby making the info on the home page the latest.
    8. Each School was provided with different subdomain URL for easy access.
    9. Contact Us/Enquiry Info was saved in the database for exporting the info to internal MIS system

Future Upgrades

  1. Based on successful launch of Phase 1, the Institution plans for various phases, which includes merging the website info with internal MIS.
  2. Allow Parent to login to check the following:
    1. School Fees – outstanding, paid, list, reports
    2. Other Dues – Events fee and others
    3. Checking Exam results including downloading a copy of the result
    4. Allow students to login
      1. Events announcements
      2. Checking Exam Results
      3. Interacting with the teachers
      4. Generating various web-based reports for internal use

Tools Used

  • ASP.NET (C#)
  • AJAX
  • HTML, CSS, jQuery

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