April 2012 Events

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Song dedications organized by Kamalakshi & Puneeth:

Song dedications was a very good idea captured by the event managers. This program was conducted just to relax their mind at the work place, reduce their tensions and make them calm and comfortable. This program was held on the 14th April, a Saturday. Most employees participated in the program by dedicating their favorite songs to their dear ones. There were some conditions like they have to pay Rs. 10 for each song dedication. Although, the amount collected therein was with the view to help donate it all to an orphanage. Everybody in Infomaze Technologies had a great Saturday listening to good songs all day and the work was as smooth as always, without any problem.

Surprise Gifts:

Again, this game was organized by Kamalakshi & Puneeth. This is a very good game in which all employees can participate without any hesitation or fear. Each employee’s name is written in the chits. Each employee has to pick one chit and that person gives a funny gift or whatever they wish to the person whose name appeared on the chit that they picked out. Every body participated in this game and enjoyed a lot by exchanging gifts amongst themselves. This program was organized on 28th April 2012, the last Saturday of the month. We also had a dinner arranged in the office and the celebration of employees birthdays for the month of April, viz Mr Vishwanath , Mr Sunil and Mr Onkar Prasad was also clubbed. We also had a small meeting to discuss about upcoming projects. We started program by 5 PM and wound up by 7 PM.

Plantations of Trees:

We had a small plan to plant some trees near office premises. This plan was successfully carried out on 5th May 2012. We planted 5 plants out of which 2 were Honge trees and some of the employees participated in this program by digging the land, planting the trees in the relevant spaces that were hence created and watering them.

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