All Aboard the Cloud Express!

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We love IT. We really do. When newer concepts arise, we try it out not just for the thrill, but to see how far we can improvise on it – ’cause we LOVE challenges! Cloud is one such technology we decided to try and guess what? We thoroughly loved it – truly and utterly. Read more to find out why.


On-premise IT is gradually losing war against the cloud. Period.

Some may extravagantly claim that nothing can win against on-premise. All we can do, is think to ourselves ‘Boy, are they in for a surprise!’

One of our employees shared this story – She was talking to one of her uncles who is technically blank. He was least bothered about how beautifully IT was evolving into something better with each passing day. He ran a pharmaceutical enterprise (and yes, we meant it in a ‘What more could be expected from him?’ kinda sense). Knowing that our colleague was an IT geek, he was proudly telling her about a new software he had incorporated into his firm. “Everything happens through Internet. All my medical representatives will be reporting to me through it. I can see what they’ve sold and how much they’ve sold, all this within minutes of their selling.” He was talking about the ‘Cloud.’ Since our friend had seen so many and also worked on quite a few Cloud applications, it failed to impress her in any way. With a fake surprised expression she replied, “Oh. the cloud, you mean.” He blinked at her for three seconds, and asked, “What Cloud?”

Did you notice what happened there? People are using cloud applications without even knowing what that is in its true sense! And we’re pretty sure that most of you know people who do this, probably yourself included. The cloud has so smoothly transitioned itself into our lives that we don’t even recognize its importance in our daily lives.

  • For example, we send hundreds of emails without even knowing that the cloud is playing an important role right there. We save our documents on Google Drive, Dropbox, etc., yet fail to appreciate the empowerment that the cloud hands over to us by reducing the need for local storage of data. And the application of the cloud does not end just here. Whether you are doing something as simple as sending an email to confirm an appointment or deploying your website on a Cloud Server, the process remains the same: login, make your choices, and voila! You’re done! – One of the many reasons to love the cloud.
  • Cloud implies infinity. If not fully, it at least gives you that illusion. There is a physical limit, of course. But we have a humongous surplus which could be easily tapped into at the time of need. And it won’t come as a surprise that we love this aspect too!
  • On-premise products are nothing more than that – the name is self-explanatory. They are installed on a computer. They are cursed to remain there forever! Unless some damage happens, that is. But when it comes to cloud, you can access the product from anywhere – unless you were castaway on a remote island without any device or working internet connection. We love how we can empower our customers to benefit from this aspect of access-from-anywhere solutions.
  • We use a pay-as-you-go or on-demand usage service model for our solutions – which is highly advantageous for our customers. And this can be built only through a cloud solution. Need we mention how much more we love the cloud for this reason?
  • Let us discuss about updating a cloud application. Do you realize how difficult it is to update an on-premise solution? It makes your lives unnecessarily complicated if you ask us, for both developer and the client. Releasing the update batch files, following the complicated steps to update the solution – we are shuddering as we even think of it. But updating a cloud solution?! Man, that’s a whole new level of ease. You code the updates, while sipping coffee with one hand and deploying your update by just the click of mouse with your free hand!

So you get the idea! Suffice to say that we can go on and on about this.

Also, with the advent of the cloud began the origin of terms such as SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service), DaaS (Data-as-a-Service/Desktop-as-a-Service), IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service), and many other similar types of services. These concepts demand another article from us, as discussing them here would cause digression to a certain extent. Our point is that, no matter what service you want from IT, they are all being made available via the cloud. Virtualization of the IT has been made even easier by the cloud. All you need is a speedy Internet connection and you’ll find yourselves ‘over the cloud.’ (Pun intended)

So does that mean that it is a stand-alone Archangel of the IT? Of course not! Nothing or nobody is perfect. Yes, it means that on-premise IT cannot be replaced by the cloud, at least not entirely. Cloud has its shortcomings too. But that’s a story for another day.

Now all we have to see is, whether on-premise applications will be able to survive. With the invent of the cloud, it does sound like quite a challenge.

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