7 Signs that You Need a New IT Vendor for Your Business

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With IT being accepted as a vital part of any & all kinds of businesses these days, it is becoming ever so imperative to have a very efficient IT team in your armor. Read on to know how a good IT Service Provider can not only provide you with the solutions necessary to your business, but also helps in driving you forward towards maximum efficiency.

As the ever increasing means of communication is turning the world into a singular global village, it indeed becomes confusing to choose an IT Service Provider for your business from so many options.

Assuming that you have found your perfect IT-Vendor, and have had a successful relationship until now, you may be facing newer problems like the following, which only means one thing. You need to move ahead.
1. I don’t understand. Explain the flow of this solution again? When you introduce a new tool to one of your teams, you know that your people are not technically wired. But alas! Your IT Vendor keeps forgetting this fact and unnecessarily complicates the solution.

2. I need a new tool, and my IT vendor does not provide it- The most conventional expectation from an IT Service Provider is to provide you with all the technical solutions that you currently need, and those you may need in the future.

3. They just don’t understand anymore! – Sometimes, it so happens that you were actually quite happy with the solutions that this same vendor provided you with, a few years ago. But now, you need something different, and you are not even sure that the vendor understands it.

4. I need better solutions – This is one of the most common problems you will face as your business starts growing and your IT vendor is still delivering you with the same old, Victorian solutions to meet all your demands. If your vendor is not competent enough to keep up with newer technologies and keep your business updated with solutions built from the most recent programming languages, this should be a sure shot indicator to switch.

5. Couldn’t you have suggested something better? – You have an idea in your mind, and you get a new app developed by your vendor. Then you find out that your competitor got a similar solution which has a much better look and feel. You were expecting your vendor to understand your needs and suggest upgraded ideas based on your own.

6. You charged me HOW MUCH?! – You just got a shiny new solution developed from your vendor. The next day you see that the same solution is available for a much lesser price. You feel betrayed and your vendor excuses himself out with unconvincing reasons.

7. Where is the support guy when you need him? – You just introduced a new tool to your sales team, and now something went wrong. You are unable to make sense of what the problem is. The “24 x 7 support” that your vendor promised you seems to have evaporated all of a sudden. Feeling left out, aren’t you?

And these are just to name a few. You may be have other problems of your own, and the thought of switching to a new vendor may have crossed your mind. This is where Infomaze steps in.

How Infomaze helps:
1. We believe and follow this – “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” (as quoted by Leonardo da Vinci). Our solutions are easy to use even to non-technical persons and our training and support recedes this problem to nothingness. True story!

2. We have many available ready-to-use solutions and our teams are already working on developing an even wider range of solutions to all kinds of businesses across the globe. If you can’t seem to pick a solution from our existing ones, fret not. We can build one for you in a jiffy, just the way you need.

3. Communication is of utmost importance when you have a team working overseas or even miles away from you. We completely get this and we have the most transparent form of communication. We keep our customers updated throughout the development process and clarify any doubts they might have and take any suggestions seriously.

4. Our research persons make sure that we constantly stay in tune with the growth that the IT industry often goes through. This way, if we figure out that you need something better than what you already have, we will suggest you the same, but will only proceed with any upgrades based on your preference.

5. When a consumer comes to us with their idea, we comprehend that they do expect us to not only understand their demands, but also build it on a platform that is sophisticated and highly functional.

6. When it comes to growing businesses, there are a many other things that require your attention, including finances. We are aware of this and thus our prices are reasonable & also affordable.

7. When we set up a solution for you, we not only do the import/export in various formats, but we also ensure that the targeted users are comfortable using it. If you were to still encounter an issue, we see what’s going wrong as immediately as you do – thanks to our automatic error tracking system. And by the time you tell us about this, our team would already be working on resolving the issue.

Rest assured, you will never find major bugs in our solution, given that we have a great QA team in place who work in rhythm with the developers. This ensures that the solution is indeed working just the way it is expected to, and more.

Interested in knowing more? Don’t hesitate to give us a holler!

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