6 Ways Our FSM Mobile App lets you Sleep Better at Night

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Is managing your field personnel getting on your nerves? Is increasing their efficiency becoming a huge roadblock in improving your Enterprise? We have just the solution for you! Read on and see how it works.

Sending people out to the field to accomplish more sales or help your customers is not a novel concept. But the importance of this area has increased so much that it has become one whole new aspect of the service industry. Many new concepts arose, which stressed upon various ways to manage your field personnel better.

You may remember how medical representatives used to look some ten years ago. They were the ones who would struggle an uphill battle by moving from one doctor to another with tools of their trade along with fat books in their hands, maintaining all sorts of records. Well, they still have to move from one doctor to another and carry the other tools. But they have evolved into smart men who carry a swanky mobile in their hand as their book keeper.

Have you ever imagined how much more effective your field personnel could get if they just had to carry a phone along with their tools to maintain all the records? Meanwhile, this would impress your customers too. Infomaze provides you with best-in-class mobile solution which you can use to smarten your workforce. We aim to relieve all your worries regarding the management of your staff and thus, to get you to sleep at night, worry-free!

Here are some awesome features of our mobile solution:

1. Lighten up and look chic
Still carrying heavy files and folders to maintain the paperwork? That’s so nineties. Carry a phone with our app installed on it, and maintain all the records at one touch of your finger.

2. Smarten up and impress clients
Imagine your customer has an emergency task and is waiting for the techie to come and repair his favorite product. If your technician sends a message to that customer at just the push of a button to let him know that he will be arriving soon to manage the repair work, the customer would be definitely relieved and impressed by the way the service was handled. Sounds pretty grand, doesn’t it?

3. Fuel cost & travel time completely out of hand? No more!
This provision is especially helpful in bigger cities. Imagine your field person came to location A, where he had to repair something and he left for location B that is 30 miles away from location A. At that moment he realizes that he has to go to another Customer who lives 5 minutes away from location A just to replace a cable, and again needs to go back to location A. Can you see the time and fuel your personnel have to waste in such situations? With the help of the ‘Map’ functionality, cut down on such obstacles with our helpful solution.

4. Service 10 clients in the place of 5
Okay, so you used our cloud solution and paved way for your technician to avoid detours. Now you have that extra time on your hands. What’s next? Service more clients in the same duration, and this would benefit both you and your personnel. Isn’t that fantastic?

5. Elegant Work
With our app in place, and being efficiently used, we can guarantee that you will no longer be seeing any sloppy work.

6. Our Support
We will be making sure that you are using our software for its true purpose and will be keeping you afloat by responding to all your doubts. (Not that you would need it, as we always keep our design user-friendly)

If you’re still not convinced after reading about these advantages, we can help clear your doubts. Holler at us, and we will speak about optimizing your workflow.

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