5 Reasons why Infomaze Excels in Software Testing

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Check why software testing is an important issue and why Infomaze is one of the best independent software testing service providers in India. We follow a multifarious set of testing for each of our applications without fail, and hence render the very best for our clients. Read more below.

In simple words, Software Testing can be defined as the process of making sure that a software does exactly what it is supposed to do without any sort of uncertainty. To see it in a more technical manner, it is the process of finding defects and verifying the outputs based on many sets of inputs & preconditions.

The process of software testing has evolved a lot, and is still evolving, giving rise to many sophisticated ways to test any product. This in turn has reduces the number of defects as well as the risks for the stakeholders to a great extent.

For any software application to be successful, it is vital to go through a scrupulous testing process. And we at Infomaze totally understand this, and our projects are deemed successful only after we make sure that a thorough testing has been made on our projects. Here are the steps that we follow to ensure that the applications that we develop for you are exactly as per your specifications with minimal defects in them:

  • Involve the testers right from the early stages of development – This ensures that the testers indeed know all the facets of the application and understand the flow as much as the developer understands it. This way, the tester can find bugs, if any, at the earliest stage possible. This also helps our developers to resolve the issues with ease.

  • As many test cases as possible – Our testers are professionally trained and they start writing test cases diligently, ensuring that all scenarios are covered so that the end-users or clients do not face any major issues in the future.

  • Ensuring that the following metrics are met – While testing, we ensure that many of the standards regarding an application are met. Here are a few of our standard metrics that we keep a lookout for:

    • Size: Number of lines of code in the project including each of the modules and test cases.
    • Quality: Defect Removal Efficiency (DRE)
    • Resources: Money spent, hours of work.
    • Rework: Number of test cycles to test bug fixes.
  • Bug Reporting – We have built our very own bug reporting tool, which we use in our daily chores and ensure that the bugs filed by our testers are immediately attended to and resolved by our developers. This also helps us to track the development of the project and catch and resolve the errors almost immediately after it has been developed.

  • Many testing methodologies – As we mentioned above, our testers are professionally trained to perform many kinds of testing methodologies such as Selenium, automation, regression, and many other kinds of testing. They use such extensive kinds of testing to ensure that the application is robust, secure, and user-friendly.

Infomaze also does QA for third party software applications and uses the same methodology to achieve the end result. This would mean zero anxiousness for the client and end-users regarding the application.

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