Field Ramp: Why Our Field Service Management (FSM) is Right for Your Business

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The whole point of having a software in place for any purpose is that it should be reducing your efforts to the minimal level, rather than adding onto your to-do list!

The same applies to the Field Service Management software too. Let’s see the areas in which this software can make your life easier.

1. Customer Relationship Management

  • Reminders for new customers – We are after all human, and as much as we’d like to disagree, we can be erroneous about our judgment. Let’s suppose that you forgot to contact one of the prospective clients who made an enquiry on your website. Not only will you be losing him, you will also be losing all those prospects that he would suggest to let go of the idea of your business help, too. Clearly, keeping a good track of the prospects as well as reminders to call/email new leads is always a great idea!
  • Follow-up for old customers – When you receive an email from an old business pal of yours and even though (in a corner of your mind) you know that it’s an automated email, it still makes you feel special. Shouldn’t you be similarly following up with your old customers too? Given the feature of reminders, you need not worry about forgetting to follow up, ever. You may setup reminders to do just that.
  • Reminding your clients a day in advance, that your technician is going there to service them, would show a certain level of professionalism that will impress your client immensely. It’s like an added extra on top of the other amazing features that its already supposed to have.

2. Financial

  • Invoicing and Billing – In earlier days, the accountants were to sit and perform a long list of calculations and recheck in order to ensure that the records were indeed correct. But with the Field Service Management (FSM) system on hand, invoicing is at its easiest. The software will generate and even email all the invoices for you.
  • Record the payment details – Keeping track of the payments made by your clients is also made a lot easier too. The software system also helps you with the maintenance of payments by clients – whether partial or full, thus no issues arise in this matter either.
  • Avoid delay in your payment – Set reminders to pay your suppliers well in time, so that it avoids you any unintentional embarrassment.  Maintain the inflow of your inventories without any glitch.
  • Integration with your favorite online accounting tool – Have an accounting package in your mind? Or one that you’re already using? If your Field Service Management (FSM) software does not already have this feature, it’s high time you thought of adding it.

3. Scheduling

  • Scheduling one-time/recurring jobs – Adding new visits & scheduling them to the available technicians is made easy and error-free. The software warns you when you assign a new visit to a technician, who already has a visit allocated at the same time.
    The feature of creating recurring jobs gives you the luxury of manually choosing the recurring frequency depending on the type of service and other related information.
  • Editing & updating the schedules of each Technician – Just got an emergency call from a new client? Instantly add it to a technician who is already on-site somewhere nearby. As soon as he gets the notification (instantly), he will be able to carry out the task and ensure that the emergency is attended to. Always remember – happy clients pave way to a happy, successful business!
  • Daily Schedules for Technicians – View the schedules of each of your technician. The technicians will have access to the same on their phone using the mobile app. They can easily update the status as and when they complete their jobs, enabling you to track the status of their jobs in real-time.


Field Ramp, our Field Service Management solution has all the aforementioned features and a lot more! Interested to see how it would fit into your business? Just give us a call, and we’ll give you a free consultation with no obligations involved.

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